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Discovering Iceland

4 day experience
Day 1, Glacier hike and South coast

On this day we will see the best of the best in Iceland.

We start our adventure day along the south coast of Iceland. The first stop will be at a waterfall called Seljalandsfoss, here we can walk behind the waterfall. After this amazing stop we will head towards the glacier Sólheimajökull for our private glacier hike with your glacier guide. There we will put on our glacier equipment to explore dramatic landscape, a world of blue ice and if we are lucky we might see some of Iceland’s myths or the trolls, wobbling around there.

Other stops will be at Skógarfoss waterfall, beautiful Reynisfjara beach or the black-sand beach around Dyrhólaey promontory.

Black sand beach in Iceland
Day 2, VEstmannaeyjar

The Westman Islands are one of the best-kept secrets in Iceland and you haven't fully seen Iceland until you visit them. 

The islands are one of the wonders of nature, consisting of mountains, sea cliffs, volcanoes, seabirds, and locals.

We will be arriving on the island in the morning. We start by watching one of the islands´ most popular sport called “spranga”.  There we will see one of the locals rope-swing back and forth on the high cliffs of the Westman Islands. Lunch is close by so we will walk to our restaurant for lunch. We will then do a hike on one of the mountaintops with a spectacular view over the whole islands. This activity is perfect for nature and bird lovers. Iceland is home to one of the world's largest colonies of puffins. We hope to get a glimpse of this colorful little bird. After the activity, we will head to one of the fine museums the island has to offer. 

Heimaey, Westman Islands in Iceland
Day 3, Þjórsárdalur Valley

Iceland is known for its waterfalls and Þjórsárdalur has a few of the best ones. Our first stop of the day will be at Hjálparfoss waterfall. The waterfall Háifoss is situated nearby and close to the volcano Hekla in the south of Iceland. The river Fossá, a tributary of Þjórsá, drops here from a height of 122 m. This is the second highest waterfall of the island and is also the next stop of the day. From here our road leads to a breathtaking place called Gjáin. This beautiful fairyland opens up with waterfalls, columnar basalt and such lush vegetation. We will then head to one of Icelanders favorite places, geothermal swimming pool to soak in and relax for rest of our afternoon.

Gjain in Iceland
Day 4, Discovering Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland. The landscape we will be driving through today is rough and a bit alien looking. We will have a look at geothermal areas, bubbling mud pots and stunning sea cliffs at the end of the world. Our first stop will be at Seltún geothermal area where we will have a short walk amongst the mud pots and hot springs. We will find our way through Krísivíkur route to our lunch stop. It will be at a small fishing village and we will have a taste of some of the freshest seafood in Iceland. Our next stop is the bridge between the continents, where we can clearly see how the tectonic plates have been drifting apart, Gunnuhver geothermal area is close by and the cliffs by Reykjanesviti lighthouse.

Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland
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