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We are a local Icelandic family that lives in the South Coast of Iceland. We have over 15 years of adventure guiding experience.

In 2018, we created our own boutique travel agency called IcePath. Our goal is to share our love, secrets and local knowledge of Iceland with you in the most professional and safe way, leaving you with unforgettable experiences and new friends.


We want to introduce you to our local culture, share our history with you and let you enjoy our hospitality, all while traveling through 
stunning Icelandic nature

We know that it's incredibly important to spend your time well.  So we made a decision to be different and not to stick to a schedule. We live in the moment, for the surprising details and we like to change the route and go this path instead.

We love new experiences and we want to experience them with you.


Experience the real Iceland with us because we are the inside track and we have the local knowledge.


Join our path


Owner and guide 

My name is Berglind and I´m trained in a variety of guiding and rescue techniques. I have 10 years’ experience in the tourism adventure industry. I recently spent a winter in Canada completing my Adventure Guide training at Thompson River University.

Before heading to Canada I graduated from an Icelandic Guiding School learning everything there is to know about my country, or almost everything.

I grew up on a farm in the East fjords of Iceland where my family raised sheep and horses. I have been hiking mountains since childhood and I´m still an avid hiker, mountain biker, skier and snowboarder. When I am not guiding, you can find me roaming the mountains of Iceland seeking adventure with friends. I simply love what the outdoors has to offer, travelling and my delicious morning coffee.


Owner and guide 

My name is Eyþór and I am born and raised in the Westman Islands, a volcanic archipelago just off the south coast of Iceland. I spent a winter with Berglind in Canada completing my Adventure Guide Diploma from Thompson Rivers University. 

My experience in Icelandic nature varies greatly, ranging from my childhood climbing the cliffs of the Westman Islands, sailing the waters around Iceland when I worked at sea and guiding people hiking on glaciers or on the trails in the mountains. When I am not working in the field, most likely you will find me hiking, biking, skiing or simply just relaxing in the outdoors.  

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